Summary of Investment Banking Event put on by Mergers and Acquisitions Society


Professional Development Track I

The event that I attended for my professional development was the VSB Study Abroad and internships presentation made by Professor Ken Taylor and Liz Campanella. The presentation was on monday September 24th and it went on for about one hour. This presentation showed all of the study abroad opportunities that VSB offered for the upcoming summers and touched upon the nature of the plethora of programs available during the academic year. I really thought that the presentation was very well done and accomplished its purpose of instilling the desire to study abroad. I came away thinking that I wanted to try and go to London my junior year or try to do a summer program later on in the school year. This presentation really made me appreciate how important being a globalized person is. I gained a new understanding of the significance of having a global education. I saw the advantages of knowing how to compete in a global world. I really want to study abroad now. I hope that I can find the time and the right program to make sure I can do it before I graduate.